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Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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GO Launcher EX Theme Sense is a theme for Go Launcher that is becoming more and more popular on the android market. The developers of the application have decided to take it from the bottom up with the restyling and options. Two docks are available for use, classic and carbon one.

This new revamp contains the following features for the people:

The carbon dock contains 20 icons for the left and the right sizes.

The classic dock contains 20 icons for the right and the left sizes.

Blue carbon is the default menu background which is available when the theme is installed on the phone.

These are the steps for properly installing and configuring the theme on the mobile phone:

First get the Go Launcher program from the Android market and install it on the mobile phone before installing any additional themes as they will not work unless the program is installed.

After this has been completed, select your theme and press the apply button.

The Sense dock will be available with all the icons from the application after installation.

Some of the icons of the dock need to be removed by changing the shortcuts to blank from the menu list.

To change the docks you have to do the following Menu > preferences > dock settings > dock background > Go Launcher > Other themes > and select your custom dock.

Other themes are also available within the default applications and can all be accessed in pretty much the same way as this one.

Theme for GO Launcher EX Sense

*Sense Theme GO Launcher EX*

Please view video for instructions.

It appears that this theme became very popular in the Android Market. So I decided to improve this theme and redesigned it from square one. The left icon now changes not by changing the dock, but can be selected manually to the desired icon of your choice. And thats not it, now not only the left icon can be changed but the right icon also. This is really cool! Currently there are two docks: classic and carbon, in coming up versions there will be additional docks added such as classic one from SENSE, and modified ones. For now I wont reveal all secrets of future changes, youll just have to wait and see. All icons for the dock, both classic and carbon, were done fresh and turned out even better than previous ones. Basically this is an actual complete SENSE, which will look great on any phone and has a highly customizable dock.


1. 20 Icons for left and right side for carbon dock.

2. 20 Icons for left and right side for classic dock.

3. Background for menu by default is blue carbon.

Theme setup:

1. You must have Go Launcher installed

2. Select theme and press apply

3. You will see have the new SENSE dock, along with your app icons.

4. You will need to remove icons 2 and 4 off the dock, by press-holding on the icon and selecting change shortcut > blank.

5. On remaining icons, press-hold and select choose icon > themes and select icons for the dock that is currently selected (classic or carbon).

6. For central button/icon, select a transparent icon, through same method, but it will be second on the list!

Notice, for classic dock, left and right icons are not interchangeable, but for carbon dock you can mix left and right icons. Also notice, carbon dock uses its own icons from the same menu icons.

To change dock:

Menu > preferences > dock settings > dock background > other theme background in GoLauncher. and select your preferred dock.

You can view the instructions video on setting up the theme.

Dont forget to leave your rating, thats how I know if I need to keep further developing this theme. If you have any problems, email me.


Please view video for instructions.

*You can look at other my themes having pressed my profile in a bottom of page an android a market or to find on search "Droindman"*

V 2.1

Added a classic bar in a glass version, two versions of the map of the central key (changing the choice of bar)

Added a classic bar with a central button "Apps"


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System Requirements:

No special requirements

GO Launcher EX Theme Sense 2.2 Free Download screenshot